1/17/12: Literary Escapism                              www.literaryescapism.com/
1/18/12: My Bookish Ways                               www.mybookishways.com/
1/20/12: Wicked Lil Pixie                                  wickedlilpixie.com/
1/22/12: Amberkatze's Book Blog                 amberkatze.blogspot.com/
1/23/12: Parajunkee's View                             parajunkee.com/
1/25/12: Rex Robot Reviews                           www.rexrobotreviews.com/
1/27/12: Book Wenches                                    www.bookwenches.com/
1/28/12: Moolight Gleam's Bookshelf          www.moonlightgleam.com/
1/30/12: Dark Faerie Tales                              darkfaerietales.com/
1/31/12: All Things Urban Fantasy               allthingsurbanfantasy.blogspot.com/
1/31/12: Tygna's Reviews                                www.tyngasreviews.com/
2/1/12: Book Chick City                                   www.bookchickcity.com/
2/2/12: Books Make Me Happy                    Books Make Me Happy
2/3/12: Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy Lovers Facebook   PR/UF Book Lovers Facebook
2/4/12: Sara's Urban Fantasy Blog              urbanfantasyreader.blogspot.com/
2/5/12: The Eclectic Reader                           ecleticlibrary.blogspot.com/
2/6/12: Patricia's Vampire Notes                patricias-vampire-notes.blogspot.com/
2/7/12: The Qwillery                                        qwillery.blogspot.com/
2/8/12: Magical Words                                   magicalwords.net/
2/9/12: Book Monster Reviews                    bookmonsterreviews.blogspot.com/
2/11/12: League Of Reluctant Adults          reluctantadults.blogspot.com/
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