Deacon Chalk BOOK 2
He hasn't met a monster yet that could
give him a scare. With ice in his veins,
silver hollow-points in his chambers,
and an innate ability to rise from the
dead, what's to fear? The answer may
be something he doesn't want to face.

Deacon Chalk normally has no trouble
telling innocent victims from real
monsters. So protecting an abused
pregnant Were-dog is a no-brainer. .
.until a vicious lycanthrope leader and
his brotherhood target Deacon, other
shape-shifters, and any humans in
their way.
Suddenly, Deacon is outnumbered,
outgunned, and unsure who--or
what--to trust. The only edge he has
left is a weapon hungry for his soul
and his most savage impulses.
And using it will exact a price even
this hell-raising hunter fears to pay. . .
"This  is  urban  fantasy  as  men’s   fiction  
Sookie Stackhouse   meets    the    Dresden    Files    by    
way    of    Maxim."      Publisher's    Weekly
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